Home Selling Process

Find a qualified REALTOR®.

  • Perform Your Due Diligence. You are choosing someone to help you with the sale of what could be your largest asset.

Prepare your home to sell.

  • Now is the time to clean and declutter! Organize closets and cabinets and remove any furniture that restricts. Give attention to your baseboards & trim, potential buyers will use that as an indicator of how well you maintain your home. Deep clean if you have pets to remove any lingering odors & stains. Caulk around windows and bathtubs if needed. Plant some seasonal flowers to boost curb appeal and buy a welcome mat. Your REALTOR® can provide a pre-list consultation and be that extra set of eyes to point out any areas that may need extra attention.

List home for sale.

  • Okay, we’re ready to go on the market. You have determined the market price, and the home is prepared for showings. Your REALTOR® will place their sign in the yard and begin their strategic marketing plan. This is one of the most exciting parts of the process! You are ready for the offers to start pouring in. How much will we get? How many people will want to see it? Will the public love our house as much as we do? Your REALTOR® is attentively standing by.


  • Your REALTOR® will advise on how you will be notified of showing requests. Make it your goal to accept every showing that is scheduled, because you never know if that is the one that will make the offer you need. If your home is vacant, showings are easy. If you currently occupy the home, you must be ready to vacate for showings. Keep the home tidy, dishes washed, and any odors subdued. Open blinds to let in natural light, set AC to comfortable temp and even put on some soft music in the background. Buyers want to feel like they are at home.

Offers & Negotiations

  • It is the responsibility of your REALTOR® to present every offer received. Depending on the market, the area in which you live and the quality of your home, you may receive multiple offers. Your REALTOR® should explain to you that the price is not the only factor to consider when looking at an offer. The knowledge your REALTOR® possesses will allow them to negotiate with your best interests at heart, securing the best price and terms to meet the goal that you established. Here’s a tip… some of the best offers are usually received in the beginning.

Congratulations! You are under contract.

  • Now what happens?
  • You agree with the price and terms offered and are ready to proceed. Now, your REALTOR® will outline your contractual responsibilities as seller.
  • The buyer will typically order inspections during the negotiated option period. Your REALTOR® will receive any repair requests from the buyers and will negotiate on your behalf. Your REALTOR® and/or their processing team will let you know if there are any documents that need to be delivered to the buyers within certain time limits. The title company will provide the title commitment and begin to prepare the documents you will sign on closing day. Stay in close contact with any parties working on your behalf and expediently fulfill any requests to keep the process flowing smoothly.
  • No news is typically good news. After negotiations, it should be quiet as you progress toward closing.

Prepare for closing day.

  • Okay… things are moving along. Inspection is done, contract documents have been delivered, and you are trying to secure boxes so you can begin packing. Since when did boxes become so expensive?
  • If there are any repairs needed, begin working on these immediately and save all receipts. A common repair (especially here in Texas) is the cleaning and servicing of the HVAC system.
  • Talk to your utility providers and arrange to disconnect electricity, water and gas (if needed) post-closing. Forward your mail to your new address and secure your moving services. You will want to follow the GOLDEN RULE when it comes to moving – leave the home in the same condition in which you would want to walk into your new home. Don’t forget to leave keys for the new owners to include mailbox keys, garage and/or gate remotes, and keys to outdoor storage or sheds.

Settlement & Closing

  • Closing day is here! Your REALTOR® and Title Company will present you with the final settlement statement prior to closing which will outline all fees and charges, and let you know what your final net figure will be. They will arrange the day and time to meet at the title company or prepare a mobile notary if needed. If possible, keep this day flexible as timing is not always exact.
  • You can arrange to receive your funds by check or wire, just let the title company know which you prefer. After both parties (buyer and seller) have signed, the title company will request funding. After funding has been received, the buyer has access to their new home.

Good agents are honest. Don't underestimate the value of virtue.

You need a REALTOR® you can trust.

And more importantly, one who will put your needs above all else.